Kick line is one of Ghana’s premiere online sneaker store and niche fashion retailer.Our aim is to offer quality products and service to people from all walks of life at the best prices.

Creative Design

All creative designs on our web site and social media platforms are owned by us,designed by a third party (rexetornamm@gmail.com)

100% Money Back Guarantee

When an order is cancelled on time and via the right procedures,we will refund the exact amount you paid for product.Read Return and Refund policy for details

Online Support 24/7

We are here to serve.Don’t hesitate to interact with us,our contact information are listed below in the footer

What do we do?

Passion for our work is what has got has got us here today.We are a retail store specialized in finding the hidden gems of sneakers at unbeatable prices to people from all walks of life

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the preferred sneaker shopping destination for all customers with a large variety of sneakers and other fashionable products in our store,to offer the best quality of sneakers at affordable prices and also to give the best after sale customer service

History Of Us

We started in 2016 and haven’t stopped smashing it since. A global brand that doesn’t sleep, we’re 24/7 and always bringing something new with over 50 new products dropping on weekly, bringing you the latest looks for less.Our philosophy’s pretty simple: we don’t take fashion or life too seriously.

What can we do for you ?

We make fashion accessible and fun

We are here to serve,don’t hesitate to interact with us.From over 40000 fans on social media,we make sure to listen to what every costumer has got for us. we’re the store you need at the weekend, and the LOL moments you need when you’re down. We recognize individuality. We see you. We embrace it.We make fashion accessible and fun. kick line is for you. All of you.

What Our Customers Says ?